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Maternity Meals

Maternity meals are ideal for new mothers and their families.  With so much to do with a new baby, one less thing on the to-do list is helpful.  Don't worry about cooking, Keedra's Kitchen has you covered!

How It Works:

  • Place your order with Keedra's Kitchen by choosing three entrees and six sides and emailing your choices to  Someone will be in touch within 24 hours

  • As your Personal Chef Keedra's Kitchen will do all the food shopping, preparing, and cooking.  We will deliver your meals to your door

  • All pans are stackable for easy storage, easily reheatable by just popping in the oven, freezable for future use, and disposable for an easy clean up

  • Each meal will feed between 4-5 people depending on serving size OR can last over multiple days for a smaller sized family


The cost for maternity meals are $450 plus tax

Travel fees apply to events 30+ miles outside of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.  

All payments are made online by electronic invoice.

Menus below are standard working menus for Keedra's Kitchen. 

Customizable menus are also available upon request.

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